The System

Over many years and many success stories, the word “SYSTEM” continues to prove itself as an acronym:

Yourself Some Time Energy & Money

The more closely YOU follow the system, the more likely you will build a team which duplicates, FAST!  Duplication is KEY to exponential growth. 

When a new Associate can copy WHAT you did, the WAY you did it, and immediately do the SAME THING with their
own prospects,   you’re on your way to
massive success in this business.


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The 5 STEP SYSTEM for recruiting:

1. Approach

“Amateurs convince,
professionals sort.” 

Your role is to FIND people who
are interested in learning more.  The
most time-effective, cost-effective and duplicable way to FIND those people is
to sort through everyone you can quickly, by sharing a short exposure with
everyone on your list.   The exposure should
be short and painless for your prospect, and they should be able to
could COPY what you’re doing right away.
The best approach is: “I’ve got something I want to share with you,
it will only take a few minutes, and you may or may not be interested.  Do you have 5 minutes right now?”  

The short recorded overview (a.k.a.
Sizzle Call at
option 1
) or the Our Videos section of your personalized LegalShield
website are great tools to share as a first exposure.  Keep it simple, and keep your conversation
about details to a minimum.  After, ask
what they liked BEST.  When they share
what they like, invite them to Step 2.



Note:  “TOOL” is not spelled “m-o-u-t-h”.  =) 

Your goal is to share MORE
information with your prospect.  You can
do this many different ways….but always use a company approved TOOL which
shares all the facts and figures for you.
Whichever TOOL you like best, use that again and again.  Here are some examples of different TOOLS
available to Associates: 


Your goal is to move every person
you expose to information through the system as quickly as possible.   Once you’ve given/shown your prospect a
TOOL, schedule a follow-up appointment within 24 hours….or try to get your
prospect to Step 3, below, as quickly as possible. 


The BEST way to DUPLICATE what we’re doing here is
to get ourselves OUT of the way.   Once
your prospect has heard the sizzle call AND viewed a tool, they’ll probably
have questions…just like you did.
And, since you’ve used 3rd party tools already, using a 3rd party expert
to help get their questions answered is the BEST way to continue moving your
prospect through the system.  


A live
event could be a Business Briefing, PBR, luncheon, Super Saturday or a live
company overview call (like the one we do each Monday @ 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm
EST: 206.402.0333, pin 863#).  The point
of a live event is for your prospect to SEE (or hear) real people having
SUCCESS with our company….and if they have been through Steps 1, 2 & 3,
they’re attending for confirmation – not first-time information – and
are more likely to make the decision to join your team as a member, or member
and Associate.

Important to Understand: 80% of what a brand new Associate knows about HOW
to do this business is what they learned from you during the exposure
process.  Every new Associate asks the
same question:  “How do I build a
business?”  If you’ve taken them through
this process, they’ll be able to copy what you’ve done quickly.  This duplicates!


It’s clear everything is about 3rd
party tools and events.  If what we’re
doing doesn’t DUPLICATE, we’ll have a tough time creating exponential
growth!   All new Associates should
immediately go to the New Associates section of THIS website to complete the 5
Step process there.

As a sponsor, it’s our
responsibility to guide each new Associate through this process and quickly as
possible, answer questions and provide positive support.  If you’re new yourself, that’s okay – your
support team is here to HELP!  Lean on
your upline Managers, Directors and Executive
Directors, and always feel free to 3-way call your new
Associates into your support team for help whenever necessary. 

Building this business is a TEAM
SPORT.  The better we promote the system
(outlined and defined here), as well as each other, the faster our business
will grow with or without any one of us as individuals.  Success isn’t about any ONE of us; it’s about
all of us working together.