Terry & Maxine Hepner – Southern California

Years ago, after 47 years in the paid workforce, we contemplated retirement. However, our first Social Security check was a rude awakening. We quickly discovered that Social Security really provided little of either – no social life and no security. Life on a fixed income in a small apartment could hardly provide the “social” space we needed for our large, close-knit family, let alone any semblance of “security.”

Fortunately, we were introduced to LegalShield. Within the first year, working part time from our small apartment, we were able to create an income stream that dwarfed the Social Security pittance. Under the leadership of our son and first associate, Craig Hepner, and many other talented leaders, our team has enrolled hundreds of thousands of members and recruited tens of thousands of Associates across North America to our great organization.

The compensation earned by our team of associates has helped sustain families and create lifestyles that few of us could have dreamed of before our involvement with this wonderful opportunity. In 2005, we built our dream house – a home large enough to accommodate the frequent gatherings of our large and still growing family of six children, 16 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren, along with our extended family and network of friends and associates. In 2006, Terry suffered a massive heart attack that required quadruple bypass surgery and extended recovery time. In other circumstances, this might have meant the end of our dream house and the beginning of intense emotional and financial stress. However, the beauty of LegalShield is that one’s income does not stop just because one stops working. Throughout all of it, our LegalShield income allowed us to meet hospital costs and other financial obligations. This is the genius of team building and passive residual income that is at the heart of this wonderful opportunity.

Now in our 80’s, we remain active Associates as we continue to enjoy a lifestyle centered on an ever-growing circle of family, friends, and team members. We spend a lot of time these days traveling, working out at the gym, reading by the pool, and enjoying our great-grandchildren, which is what all those in their 80’s should be able to do.

We are so grateful to LegalShield and for the team that has made this possible. Isn’t this what life is really all about – family, friends and relationships? To enjoy all these things, one needs a plan and a team … and your background, age, ethnicity, education, or professional experience really doesn’t matter. Anyone can make it in this business when we work as a team – together everyone achieves more!