Tara Paustenbach

Millionaire Club

Before LegalShield, I was slingin’ beers as a bartender. Having to go to work night after night just to earn $20 in tips so that I could buy gas…so that I could go to work… wasn’t fun. Living paycheck to paycheck and always broke two days after getting paid? That wasn’t fun, either.

I met Craig Hepner, who introduced me to the idea of a home business. It took him a few months to get me to an event because I was skeptical. But, I ended up joining him in 3 start-up companies in a row over the next 4 years. They all went under, and along the way, I racked up $40K in debt thanks to big start-up costs and buying more “inventory” (a.k.a. silly, overpriced products) each month. Then, I lost my job. Then, I lost my car. Then, in 1998, LegalShield came along. I was broke, busted, stressed and disgusted … and more skeptical than ever. I’m so grateful I paid attention! I got started, used the service right away, and knew I’d tell everyone about it for free, so I figured I might as well get paid. I earned more in my first month than I’d ever earned doing anything before, so I just kept going. I haven’t had a job since, and my worst year of income with LegalShield was twice as good as my best year as a bartender (and I didn’t have to work nearly as hard).

In 2007, I became a mommy. Thanks to my LegalShield business, I took the first 6 months of my son’s life off to be a mom, and I’ve never had to turn him over to daycare because I had to trade my time for money to pay bills. While I’m humbled that LegalShield has deposited over $1 Million into my bank account over the years, the time freedom to be AT HOME, working around my little Avery’s schedule is the best freedom ever!

Many thanks to LegalShield and my incredible team for making so many dreams come true. I love this company, I love the wonderful people I get to work with and I love that we get to live our dreams together.