Michelle Roberts

Michelle Roberts

LegalShield was shared with me in 2007 by Nataly Marchuk, who I met at a networking group. She gave me 2 DVD’s, which I didn’t watch, she invited me to a “Meeting with nice people” every Wednesday, which I felt I was too busy to attend.
She invited me to a live conference call for Brokers. I was a distracted listener on that call, told her “I don’t need legal help since I live a good life,” but I was interested in getting the free Will and Healthcare Directive and bought the plan with intension to cancel.
Because it was free to call my law firm, I started using the service and it quickly became a value vs expense an I get to call vs need to call attitude. The more I used the service, the more I was referring it . Nataly told me I could get paid for those referrals, but I was closed minded to this option for a year.
In Dec. 2008 my brother-in-law said he needed the service and wanted me to get the referral fee, so I signed up as an Associate, sent my brother-in-law my link to enroll. ( I am still getting paid on this membership and recruited him in the business.)

I didn’t think I would work LegalShield as a business, however the timing in my life allowed me to become more open. You see, my 25 year career in the Real Estate Mortgage industry died during the recession of ‘08, which followed 3 job lay-offs.
As a single mom, I found having a job heart breaking because it didn’t provide enough income, flexibility, purpose and time to parent my 2 kids. I wanted to go on ALL the field trips and support the kids activities because I spell love, T.I.M.E.
I needed a new career opportunity and LegalShield seemed like the logical choice.

I was blessed to be invited to a luncheon that Ms. Tara Paustenbach presented at and was introduced to Avi and Ayelet Gingold. I asked if I could make a full-time income and Mr. Gingold gave me a game plan on how many people I would have to talk with a day and the schedule of trainings I could plug into. He said I could earn while I learned, so I started sharing the message with a flip chart to anyone who would listen.
My daily activity put me in the Performance Club, and after the first year I earned a monthly $300 Cash car bonus and 5 all expenses paid 5 Star vacations to Maui, Jamaica, Cancun twice and Dana Point. A guilt free true vacation when you get to travel with your kids, sister and friends and leave your wallets at home.

I earned over $50k from home putting me into Rise To The Ring, while working my business part-time around my family, without a boss, commute, competition, quotas or territories. I’ve written over 1,000 Apps. in just 5 short years the residual passive income I receive every month, is equivalent to having Millions of dollars invested.

I’m grateful everyday to God for His wisdom, provision, grace and strength to share the Great Commission of His love and to have such a complimentary mission/career to help protect and empower people with LegalShield.
I am living my dream and believe you can too!