J Malik & ChiChi Obidegwu

Rise to the Ring

Prior to becoming involved with LegalShield, I practiced and worked as an electrical engineer that majored in Power systems electronics and also ran an online telecom hardware re sale business that produced six figure annual income a year. 

I didn’t have any passion for my career and found my life constantly going in circles until I was introduced to LegalShield by a great childhood friend whom the opportunity was first presented to but wasn’t ready at the time. I knew right away that people could use and can afford the plans and I knew anyone with desire and a good work ethic can be successful with the opportunity. I got started and haven’t looked back ever since!

The amazing aspect of it all is the decision we made over a decade ago has bought our lives back and has given us choices. We’ve been able to do more and accomplish more not only for ourselves but for our families and friends. Living a lifestyle most people crave for and dream of. 

Our goals going forward with our CEO’s vision of 20/20 which means 20 million members served by 2020 is to be in a position where we are making multiple six figures from home and eventually stretch it into seven figure annual and possibly monthly income! This we can accomplish by helping 100 families reach the position of Executive director!