Our Team

  • Tara Paustenbach

    Before LegalShield, I was slingin’ beers in ridiculous places as a bartender.  Having to go to work every night just to earn $20 in tips so I could buy gas... wasn’t fun.  Living paycheck to paycheck and always being broke two days after getting paid – not fun, either.

  • Bill and Yadira Butkovich

  • Tony Agurs

  • Jazmin Steele

  • Colin & Hope Campbell

    Hope and Colin Campbell started their own LegalShield business several years ago, after they each got laid off from a successful six figure income career. They both feel that this turned out to be a great blessing that has allowed them to help protect thousands ...

  • Avi Gingold

    Avi and Ayelet Gingold and their 3 children Yarden(24), Gilad(21) and Golan(16) moved to California from Israel in August 2000 due to Avi’s job. Their hopes and dreams crashed with collapse of the dot com companies in 2002 when Avi’s job was terminated.

  • CA Murff

    As the former president of seven Michigan corporations, one of which, Buffalo Wild Wings, continues to generate revenues close to $2,000,000.00 a year, I never thought that I would find myself making a living working full time in the network marketing industry.

  • Michelle Roberts

    Michelle Roberts

  • J Malik & ChiChi Obidegwu

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  • Rachel Johannsen

  • Kenny Loggins

    Executive Director

  • Zarinah Nadir

    My name is Zarinah Nadir from Phoenix, Arizona. Once I opened my mind and began to understand the business model, I decided to add being an independent LegalShield associate to my professional portfolio.

  • Craig Allen

    Executive Director

  • Tom Guarino & Deniese Hayes

    Executive Director

  • Daniel Phuong

  • Chris Ward

    Executive Director

  • Lisa Melville

    Executive Director

  • Mike & Lea Swanson

    Executive Directors

  • Jose Leon

    Executive Director

  • Steve Remmel

    Executive Director

  • Tim McConnell

    Executive Director