The Millionaire Club

Our goal is to create a culture where we thrive and prosper; where love, unity and pride run deep in our hearts, mind and spirit.

  • Craig Hepner

    l’ve been in the home based business direct selling industry now since 1991. Unfortunately, I got involved in five start-up companies that all went out of business and left me in tremendous financial ruin I read years later – too late – that 95% of all start-up companies fail in the first 3 years, and 98% of all start-up companies fail in the first 5 years; all five l got involved with were out of business inthe first year.

    When l finally found legaIShield in 1998, l was in a place in life l never, ever, thought l would be; l didn’t have a car,a driver’s license or a place of my own,and l was personally $2 00,000 dollars in debt. What l did have was massive desire … so I got trained, I followed some simple systems in LegalShield and I worked my tail off. I achieved Executive Director my first month, my $100K Ring by my 10th month, my $250K Ring before my 3rd year, and I’m grateful to say I was inducted into the Millionaire Club by my 5th year. And, it’s only grown from there.

    Thanks to this incredible opportunity with LegalShield, I’ve been able to fulfill many life-long goals. Aside from being able to live debt-free, drive cars l loved thatwere paid for and buy investment homes, it’s always been a dream of mine to travel the world. A few years ago, I was able to buy a one-way ticket to Europe and I traveled for months through Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Luxembourg, and Italy. I was able to do what I want, when I wanted, and I didn’t have to think about cost. After that part of the trip, I came home for two months, grabbed my sons and headed to Costa Rica where we spent two months surfing and exploring. From there, we spent another few months exploring Central and South America, all the way down to Argentina. I was gone for 1 ½ years and didn’t have to ask for time off or blow my life’s savings in the process. I cannot express how grateful I am to our team and my family.

    The lifestyle is amazing, but I have this lifestyle today because from moment one I’ve been so excited and passionate about helping to revolutionize the legal industry andbe part of making equal justice under law a reality for everyone … regardless of economic or ethnic background. After two decades of involvement already, l’m even more excited today, and l feel a stronger sense of urgency about our opportunity with legalShield than l ever have.

  • Bill & Yadira Butkovich

    Bill’s background was as a power plant operator; Yadira’s background was moving to the US from Panama in 1992 (then learning English when she arrived) and she worked in the shipping department for an aircraft parts manufacturer. When we were introduced to LegalShield in 2000, Bill saw the opportunity to get ahead faster by working part-time with LegalShield, and Yadira saw a way to help the Spanish communities gain equal access to justice under the law The more we worked with LegalShield, the more we felt the need to go full-time to take advantage of this financial opportunity sooner. ln early 2003, Bill decided he could no longer work in the power plants, so he quit his job and went full time with LegalShield. In 2007, we achieved our goal of earning the $100,000 Ring. We’ve since been inducted into the Millionaire Club, too, and we are working toward earning manymore prestigious rings.

    We have qualified for Performance Club since its inception. We enjoy going on the all-expense paid trips every year with our family and receiving the Performance Club bonus every month. It’s one thing to get a paid vacation,it’s another thing to have an actualvacation paidfor whether it’s here in theUnitedStates or in an exotic international location. The ongoing residual income compliments our investment of hard work Thanks to the opportunity with LegalShield, we spend more time with our family without having to ask a boss for time off. This has given us an opportunity to spend all the time we want with our children and grandchildren. In addition, Yadira loves the freedom to travel to Panama to visit her family.

    We are a couple like many others who saw the opportunity. The difference with us is we took advantage of the opportunity and grasped Harland Stonecipher’s vision. They say “Knowledge is Power” but that’s only partly true -APPLIED knowledge is power! Once you have knowledge of the opportunity, you must take action. We know nothing is accomplished alone; we are truly blessed to work with an awesome team and are building friendships and family all across North America.

    We are happy to be business owners and investorsinstead of someonestuck inthe rat race.Thanks to LegalShield, we are constantly working toward new goals. We work from home, we love the residual income, and we love that we get paid DAILY from ANYWHERE!

  • Kai Deering

    As a corporate sales professional, I made an impressive six-figure income, but I worked from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. five or six days every week. In those days when I met my goals, my bosses would just up my quotas and life became even more exhausting. So, I thought I’d start my own business in the field of insurance. I actually believed going out on my own would give me more freedom, but, as it turned out, running my own office meant doing all my own papeiwork AND everyone else’s just to stay caught up – time disappeared even faster!

    After 10 years on the corporate treadmill, I was exhausted and unfulfilled. I’d grab naps in my car when I could, I had no time with my new husband, and most days I didn’t even see the sun … even though I lived in California! One day, I met a man doing a job similar to mine-he was in his ?O’s. I remember thinking”ls this it?l’m going to do this until l die?”‘.l knew l didn’twant to be working likethis at?0;I knew on my deathbed, I was not going to say I wish I would have worked more.

    It was around this time that a friend’s roommate tried talking to me about LegalShield as a business. I was already a member of LegalShield, and, frankly, I’d been referring people to the company for YEARS to sign up -lthought everyone should have these services,but l had no idea l could getpaidto refer them. I admit I blew off this young woman for months, but, in a last ditch effort, I agreed to attend a Legal Shield convention just to “get her off my back”. What I saw blew me away! I’d never met people with time AND money AND freedom!! I saw people helping others, making money AND doing it on their own terms.l was thrilled,and ldecided to go forit.

    I was still busy in my career, so I only had a few hours per week to invest. Following the system, I started earning an extra $5 00 a month part-time, which I thought was neat but I knew that wasn’t going to change my life.From there,though,it grew:$14,000a year, then $37,000, then $69,000 … and in my 5th year I earned $98,000 – PART-TIME!! That’s when I decided to quit my corporate sales career and transition to working from home.

    Today, I get to enjoy my life and those in it in ways I’d always hoped I could. I spend time with my husband, who also works from home, and I was able to adopt two rescue dogs – something I never would have done when I was working 12-hour days. Recently, I lost my mom ; as incredibly hard as it was to haveto say good-bye,l’mso grateful that through afew of her health scares lwas able to drop everything and be with her, and for the last several years of her life, I was able to show her how much I loved herandtreatherto trips toCancun andDisneyland andmany placesshe’d never been. LegalShield gave me myFULLlife back.

    I enjoy my house, my car, and other things money can buy, but money isn’t what’s really important. We can’t take the “stuff’ with us. Today, one of my favorite things is watching our team members succeed. I do my best to lead by example, be available for my team and never ask them to do what I haven’t done andam not doing myself.l really believe anyone can create a lifestyle that provides time,money,and meaning. In Corporate America, you’re out to crush the other person. With LegalShield, everyone works together and you’re providing aservicethat people’s really a win for everyone.

  • Sean & Loren Mikael

    Prior to working with LegalShield, I worked in bathroom and kitchen design while earning a finance degree. lwas$23,000in debt,had to pay for college,and hadno time.Lorenworked as awaitress and swim instructor while she studied communications at UCLA. While I dreamed of being debt-free and pursuing the American Dream, Loren dreamed of having more time for family and passions in life Needless to say, there was room for change. After working full-time for years, I realized my income stopped growing. I could continue to build someone else’s dream or start building my own, so I made a choice to work full-time on my job and part-time on this opportunity.

    On May 13, 2002, I became an associate and immediately began earning extra income working part-time with LegalShield. My first year, I worked 15-hours weekly while still working my job full-time and attending college. By the end of that year,lgraduatedcollege,and l made the choice to pursuethis LegalShield full time.

    Two years later, Loren, who already loved the membership, attended the international convention with me and got inspired and decided to go to work. After six months of hard work, she was made the decision to become a full-time associate, and today we get to build our business and future together.

    This business has allowed us to turn some of our dreams into realities: I helped my mother and brother move to Los Angeles from Israel and helped my father purchase a home. Loren and I had our dream wedding in Malibu, purchased our home near the ocean, remodeled it, and bought our vehicles. We havebeen traveled across theUnited Statesand abroad. Ourson has already traveled to three different countrieswith us.We areexcitedto continue to build ourfamily’s legacy and be at-homeparents.

    None of this would have happened if we hadn’t attended our first convention. That is where we both caught the vision of where this company was going with or without us. We started reading great books, associatedwith positive peoplewho had our solutions rather than negative peoplewho had our problems, and adapted the belief, “If lwant things to change, I have to be the change.”

    We are so thankful to be a part of an incredible team. It takes a team to win, and we will continue to lead by example andhelp others achieve their goals and dreams.

  • Terry & Maxine Hepner

    Years ago, after 47 years in the paid workforce, we contemplated retirement. However, our first Social Security check was a rude awakening. We quickly discovered that Social Security really provided little of either-no social life and no security. Life on a fixed income in a small apartment could hardly provide the “social” space we needed for our large, close-knit family, let alone any semblance of “security.” Fortunately, we were introduced to LegalShield. Within the first year, working part time from our small apartment, we were able to create an income stream that dwarfed the Social Security pittance. Under the leadership ofour sonand first associate,CraigHepner,and many other talented leaders,our team has enrolled hundreds of thousands of members and recruited tens of thousands of Associates across North Americato our great organization.

    The compensation earned byour team of associates has helped sustain families and create lifestyles that few of us could have dreamed of before our involvement with this wonderful opportunity. In 2005, we built our dream house -a home large enough to accommodate the frequent gatherings of our large and still growing family of six children,16 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren, along withour extended family and network of friends and associates.

    ln 2006, Terry suffered a massive heart attack that required quadruple bypass surgery and extended recovery time. ln other circumstances, this might have meant the end of our dream house and the beginning of intense emotional and financial stress. However, the beauty of LegalShield is that one’s income does not stop just because one stops working. Throughout all of it, our LegalShield income allowed us to meet hospital costs and other financial obligations. This is the genius of team building and passive residual incomethat is at the heart of this wonderful opportunity.

    Now in our 80’s, we remain active Associates as we continue to enjoy a lifestyle centered on an ever-growing circle of family, friends, and team members. We spend a lot of time these days traveling, working outat the gym,reading by the pool, and enjoying our great-grandchildren, which is what all those in theirB0’s should be able to do.

    We are so grateful to LegalShield and for the team that has made this possible. Isn’t this what life is really all about-family, friends and relationships? To enjoy all these things, one needs a plan and a team … and your background, age, ethnicity, education, or professional experience really doesn’t matter. Anyone can make it in this business when we work as a team -together everyone achieves more!

  • Tara Paustenbach

    Before LegalShield, I was slingin’ beers as a bartender. Going to work, night after night, just to earn $20 in tips so I could buy gas in order to go to work the next night was my life. It wasn’t fun. I was living paycheck to paycheckand always broke.

    I met Craig Hepner, who introduced me to the idea of a home business. I was skeptical. But over the nextfour years,lended up joining him in three start-up companies. They all went under, and I racked up $40,000 in debt thanks to start-up costs and inventory. Then l lost my job and my car. In 1998, LegalShield came along. I was more skeptical than ever. But I’m so grateful I paid attention! I got started, used the services right away, and knew l’d tell everyone about it for free, so l figured l might as well get paid.

    In 2007, I became a mommy. Thanks to my Legal Shield business, I took the first six months of my son’s life OFF to just be a mom, and I’ve never had to turn him over to day care because I had to trade my time for money to pay bills. The freedom to be AT HOME, working around my little Avery’s schedule is the best freedom ever! I’m a Room Mom and school volunteer, and I’ve been a Den Mom for his Cub Scout’s, a flag-football mom, soccer mom, Jiu-Jitsu mom, baseball mom and ALWAYS THERE FOR HIM mom, which l’m grateful for.

    l’ve never broken a record withlegalShield,and l’ve never been #1, Top 10 or a superstar in any category – I’ve just done what I could when I could and this amazing company has still paid me well over $1 Million in commissions to date.

    Many thanks to LegalShield and my incredible team for making so many dreams come true. I love this company, I love the wonderful people I get to work with, and I love that we get to live our dreams together.

  • David Stecki

    I am so very thankful for LegalShield, for my late husband, David Stecki, and for our fabulous team that nevergave up! David would be so proud, and l amso proud and happy to see that his hardwork and his belief in our team has paid off.

    To keep his legacy and dream alive is heart-warming. It was so important to David that the extra help and true compassion he gave to all LegalShield Associates has made a difference and has helped change people’s lives for the better.

    After his death and losing our baby when I was four-and-a-half months pregnant, life was extremely hard. I would have been on the streets if it was not for LegalShield. We were in the process of purchasing life insurancewhen hewas diagnosedwith pancreatic cancer,so unfortunately itwastoo late. lfeel blessed everyday for LegalShield. l am walking proof that it really works; it is real. l have not had to work in more than 10 years, and I still earn an income from LegalShield, and from the business David built. We were actually inducted into the Millionaire’s Club after his passing.

    With no big overhead or liability, this is a business you can Will to someone you love, or you can sell it. lt is not a lotions, potions or pills company where there is no loyalty. For those companies, as soon as another product comes out, people move on to try the so-called better thing. This is not the music or travel industry, which has so much competition and a very slim profit margin. With LegalShield, we have something real that helps people, that gives them a Will, which we all need to have.

    I believe David will always be with us and is watching over us until we meet again at our true destination. Thank you, Harland Stonecipher, for giving us the opportunity to make a difference while making a living! God bless!

  • David & Kathy Ward

    David Ward, like thousands of attorneys, owns a LegalShield membership. When he first learned of LegalShield, David saw immediate value and enrolled. Many ask “why would an attorney need LegalShield?”, and the answer is simple – David isn’t an expert in every area of law and he’sonly licensed to practicein his state. He feltthat having unlimited access to specialists in everyarea oflaw acrossthe continent for under $20/month was a no-brainer.

    At the time, David had been practicing law for 20 years and running two successful law offices… which took 60-80 hours per week away from his family. He couldn’t stop working because he’d lose the income which his family relied on. He recognized that because LegalShield made sense to him, it would likely make sense to others, too, so David dedicated a few hours per week to sharing info about LegalShield to colleagues, clients and friends.

    Today: While David is still licensed to practice law, he closed his two law offices years ago once his part-time income with LegalShield went over 6-figures per year. His commute transitioned from the packed 405 and 5 freeways to from his bedroom to his home office; he works far fewer hours and spends far more quality time with his family AND is enjoying watching his residual (retirement) income grow more each year.

  • Hasnain & Tahera Khaku

    Our advice? Have fun, get excited and live more. Dream big and NEVER EVER QUIT. Live a balanced life in the order of faith, family and finances. Follow the systems. Get yourself and your teams into and stay qualified for the Performance Club.

    We thank God for our faith, our family, our friends and the LegalShield family and business. Our tremendous Superstars Team helped us achieve the $100,000 Rings. Today, we have our own business and love to travel. LegalShield has sent us on 17 all-expenses paid trips to resorts like Cabo San Lucas, Jamaica, Hawaii, Atlantis, Dominican Republic, Cancun, Orlando and Las Vegas. We have been receiving a bonus from the Performance Club for more than 220 months. In 2018 and 2019, we earned incentive trips, helped build a house in one day in Mexico, did charity work locally and internationally and spent time doing what we love with our family and our LegalShield team.

    What LegalShield means to us that we now have our time back, which means we have our life back. And now we have our dreams back as well. Today, we are debt free, no car/credit card payments and now own rental properties in several nearby counties.

    We have extensive backgrounds in, and are still very active in, real estate sales, investments, partnerships and corporate. We own and operate properties in four different counties in Southern California. In a real estate office of over 400 agents, we are blessed to be in the top 5% on a part-time basis.

    A complete stranger approached us about this membership. So don’t hesitate to approach strangers. You may change their lives. With the passive and residual income opportunity, even part-time, we treated this business very seriously. We are firm believers in the LegalShield membership and have used it more than 200 times.

    Personal development and leadership training play a huge role in our lives. Because of this, we have met great people like Robert Kiyosaki, Paul J. Meyer, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, and others. We even got a chance to be contributing authors with some of them in a book called The Power of Mentorship for the 21st Century.

    The local, field and corporate leadership team of LegalShield is truly visionary. With Mr. Jeff Bell leading the way, we are blessed to have great mentors like the late Mr. Harland Stonecipher and Shirley Stonecipher, the late Wilburn Smith and Carol Smith, the late Woody and Fran Alexander, the late Aaron Berger and Gloria Berger, Russell and Carol Peden, Larry and Doni Smith, Craig Hepner and the Teams Make Dreams leaders.

    Our SUPERSTARS TEAM is our biggest asset. We are so very grateful for great Superstars Team members, including the Hall family, Dennis Cuya, Michael Simpson, Nancy Winters, the Verian and Balisbis team, Stan Millican, Joe Conner, Rafael Jimenez and so many more. We want to help everyone reach their goals. We are fired up, wired up and geared up for an INCREDIBLE future. If we can do it, you can do it. Massive success to you.

  • Becky Mello

    Becky Mello has always pursued happiness in the best of ways – doing what she loves. Her background is as a musician and she played for many years in Hawaii, living the dream. She moved to California to help take care of family, and was introduced to LegalShield there years ago by a friend. She recognized the value of the membership immediately, so the opportunity made sense, too, and Becky saw LegalShield as a great way to build a retirement for herself on her own schedule… and that is exactly what she did.

    Embracing the whole wheel of opportunity, Becky built an amazing team and pursued helping business owners and their employees through the Business Solutions division of LegalShield; she’s served as a Meeting Coordinator and a BVP, training others to achieve success in many areas as well. Within her team is 1 other Millionaire Club Member and 3 Ring Earners, and on her own, Becky has achieved the 3,000 App Achievement Award, and has achieved Bronze Executive Director, all while calling her own shots in life.
    Now retired and enjoying her residual income from LegalShield thanks to an incredible book of business, Becky once again lives in Hawaii — the Big Island — where she’s living her best life, doing what she loves.
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