Kai Deering

As a corporate sales professional, I made an impressive six-figure income, but I worked from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. five or six days every week. In those days when I met my goals, my bosses would just up my quotas and life became even more exhausting. So, I thought I’d start my own business in the field of insurance. I actually believed going out on my own would give me more freedom, but, as it turned out, running my own office meant doing all my own paperwork AND everyone else’s just to stay caught up — time disappeared even faster!

After 10 years on the corporate treadmill, I was exhausted and unfulfilled. I’d grab naps in my car when I could, I had no time with my new husband, and most days I didn’t even see the sun … even though I lived in California! One day, I met a man doing a job similar to mine—he was in his 70’s. I remember thinking “Is this it? I’m going to do this until I die?’”. I knew I didn’t want to be working like this at 70; I knew on my deathbed, I was not going to say I wish I would have worked more.

It was around this time that a friend’s roommate tried talking to me about LegalShield as a business. I was already a member of LegalShield, and, frankly, I’d been referring people to the company for YEARS to sign up — I thought everyone should have these services, but I had no idea I could get paid to refer them. I admit I blew off this young woman for months, but, in a last ditch effort, I agreed to attend a LegalShield convention just to “get her off my back”. What I saw blew me away! I’d never met people with time AND money AND freedom!! I saw people helping others, making money AND doing it on their own terms. I was thrilled, and I decided to go for it.
I was still busy in my career, so I only had a few hours per week to invest. Following the system, I started earning an extra $500 a month part-time, which I thought was neat but I knew that wasn’t going to change my life. From there, though, it grew: $14,000 a year, then $37,000, then $69,000… and in my 5th year I earned $98,000 – PART-TIME!! That’s when I decided to quit my corporate sales career and transition to working from home.

Today, I get to enjoy my life and those in it in ways I’d always hoped I could. I spend time with my husband, who also works from home, and I was able to adopt two rescue dogs – something I never would have done when I was working 12-hour days. Recently, I lost my mom; as incredibly hard as it was to have to say good-bye, I’m so grateful that through a few of her health scares I was able to drop everything and be with her, and for the last several years of her life, I was able to show her how much I loved her and treat her to trips to Cancun and Disneyland and many places she’d never been. LegalShield gave me my FULL life back.
I enjoy my house, my car, and other things money can buy, but money isn’t what’s really important. We can’t take the “stuff” with us. Today, one of my favorite things is watching our team members succeed. I do my best to lead by example, be available for my team and never ask them to do what I haven’t done and am not doing myself. I really believe anyone can create a lifestyle that provides time, money, and meaning. In Corporate America, you’re out to crush the other person. With LegalShield, everyone works together and you’re providing a service that people need. It’s really a win for everyone.