How you structure TODAY could dictate how you end the month of March!

Thursday, March 31 is our month-end.  What goal are YOU working hard to achieve?   Performance Club?   Power20?   The next rank level in the compensation plan?  Sr. Director?  Executive Director?   A certain amount of income?   Whatever your goal here are the deadlines to achieve it by on March 31:

  • All paper applications must be received by mail by 2pm Central Time
  • All scanned / uploaded applications must be in the system before 5pm Central Time
  • All reinstated Member and Associate applications submitted online must be in before 10pm Central Time
  • All first-time new Member and Associate applications submitted online must be in before 12am (midnight) Central Time

Every MONDAY you can work smarter to help create growth — in your knowledge, your momentum AND your business!

Success in LegalShield is about promoting TOOLS and EVENTS.   Tools and events do the talking, explaining, fact-sharing and selling FOR you…whether you can personally be present or not.   TOOLS are sizzle calls, live overview calls, your hub site, CDs, DVDs, brochures and printed materials, etc.   EVENTS are luncheons, breakfasts, business briefings, trainings and live overview and training calls, etc.   The MORE people we have viewing tools and attending events, the more people we’ll have enrolling as Members and Associates consistently.

Notice how live calls made both lists?   =)   Live calls can be promoted to anyone, in any time zone — all you have to know is the access info and time!

TONIGHT, several opportunities are available to you as tools and events:  

► 7:00pm Central Time (5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern)
Monday Momentum Call with Millionaire Club Member, $250K Ring Earner CHRIS HUGHES (Part 2 of 4)
Online webinar only.  Register by logging in to > Events & Calls > Monday Momentum (replay available same place)

► 7:30pm Central Time (5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern)
Live Company Overview call with Millionaire Club Member, $400K+ annual income earner CRAIG HEPNER 
This is a 25-minute long, live overview which covers the company, need in the market, services, opportunity, compensation plan and timing.
(206) 402-0333, pin 863#

► 8:00pm Central Time (6:00pm Pacific / 9:00pm Eastern)
Special one-time only Live Overview Call with 7 top $100K Ring and above superstar ladies in LegalShield
This is a great call to invite all your prospects to – especially ladies – to learn about the company, need, services, opportunity, comp plan and timing.
(701) 801-1220, pin 178-121-620#

► 8:45pm Central Time (6:45pm Pacific / 9:45pm Eastern)
Teams Make Dreams weekly Monday night Training Call, featuring special guest $100K Ring Earner from Utah, Mr. DAVID HUGHES
This is THE call you and all your Associates should schedule into your plans every week.   You’ll want to be on this call, but also be sure to have everyone who is an Associate on your team dial in to listen and learn, too.   The call is usually 45 minutes or less, covers brief team information, current company incentives and features tips and training from a top leader in LegalShield.

Tip:   All those you invite to listen in to the 7:30pm Live Overview call with Craig Hepner could get excited about the information and immediately send text invitations out to people they know to dial in 8pm Central Time to hear the Live Overview Call with some of our top ladies.   Back-to-back calls can create a back-to-back recruiting opportunity for YOU when you are prepared!!