Surely this is the one thing you continue to hear ALL about… on every conference call, at every live event and every time you log in to your Associate Portal.

But, that’s for GOOD reason.

See, any Associate who’s ever been to a LegalShield International Convention knows that they’ll learn more solid information on how to achieve success, gain more knowledge, make more quality connections with others across the continent (& Hawaii) and “squeeze more juice” out of one single weekend event than any other event they could attend.

Registration through the home office has closed, however registration will be available at the door and there are still registration tickets available through those who purchased too many tickets – best place to look is on Facebook (LegalShield Associate Network page, Teams Make Dreams page, etc.).

The more team you have WITH YOU at this event, the more momentum you’ll have coming out of Oklahoma City!  There’s a saying which has proven true many hundred times over:  “When you have 100 people from your team in attendance with you at a big event, you’ll achieve your $100K Ring within the next 12 months.”   Associates will be coming in via plane, train, automobile… you name it.   Some of our MOST successful Associates in LegalShield today have the most entertaining stories about what they went through to attend their first big event — finding creative ways to make sure kids are taken care of, finding money to get there, sharing a room with way too many others just to afford the hotel…  yep; been there, done that.   Just find a way to make it happen.

We PROMISE you this is not just some “rah-rah fest” (though, there will be over 10,000 enthusiastic people in attendance); we PROMISE you’ll learn more in a single weekend than you could in an entire year of attending weekly events in your market (and, at Oklahome, your training will come from the best in our company); and, we PROMISE it’ll be WORTH IT.   EVERY top income earner will be there to learn, and the BEST will be on stage to teach.

The International Convention is the pinnacle of education, inspiration and motivation for you in your business.   Don’t miss it.

Basic Details:

  • The weather will be hot and muggy in July, though the arena is often kept quite cool…   dress appropriately
  • Wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking a LOT
  • During General Sessions, spend your time IN the areas, seated and paying attention – there will be plenty of time to connect with others during breaks
  • Don’t forget to pack your journal for taking notes and Profiles of Success for signatures
  • Concession stands are open during General Sessions, and food isn’t usually allowed in …  so be sure when your bag is checked they can’t SEE any food  =)

General Itinerary:
Tuesday / Wednesday:   Specialized B2B Trainings (register in advance)
Wednesday/Thursday:   Home Office tours available (register in advance)
Thursday:   Registration check-in begins, Executive Director Banquet that night (everyone else will gather in lounges at Sheraton or Renaissance Hotel).
Friday:        General Sessions will begin around 9-10am and end around 10pm, with several breaks throughout the day
Saturday:   General Sessions will begin around 9-10am and end around 10pm, with several breaks throughout the day
Sunday:      Team breakout sessions — Teams Make Dreams (your) breakout session will be at the Cox Convention Center from 9am-1pm.


Teams Make Dreams Breakout will be the event which helps you connect and network with your team across North America, be recognized for your success, learn team systems which will specifically support you and the organization you build, and leave Oklahoma understanding all the announcements AND have a solid game plan to finish the year as strong as possible.

The TMD Breakout will be held in Meeting Rooms 16-18 at the Cox Convention Center (where the convention will be held).

Please wear your favorite Teams Make Dreams T-Shirt on Sunday!
Register for the TMD Breakout HERE (scroll down to BUY NOW button at bottom).

We can’t WAIT to see you there, and celebrate all our successes TOGETHER!!