Success in LegalShield is so much about Tools and Events.  The more tools you get out into the marketplace, and the more people you get out to events, the more the system works for you and the more success you can enjoy.    One of the great things about calls and webinars is that they can be a tool AND an event.   Every Monday, Teams Make Dreams hosts 2 powerful calls — one is a recruiting TOOL for you, and one is a training event for you and your team!   Every Monday, the person with the most guests on the recruiting call and the most team members on the training call creates the most momentum.   BE that person!

Tonight – Monday, March 21:

5pChris Hughesm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern Time
LegalShield Monday Night Momentum Call (Associate training)
with Millionaire Club Member, $250K Ring Earner CHRIS HUGHES

Webinar only – click here to register if you haven’t yet (revisit this link for the replay if you miss it live)



5:30pm Pacific / 7:30pm Central / 8:30pm Eastern Time
Live Company Overview & Recruiting Call with Rise To The Ring top Executive Director TARA PAUSTENBACH
206.402.0333, pin 863#

zoomedTara’s background is bartending, waitressing and working retail at the mall.  She’d tried three other opportunities in a row and failed miserably…losing everything but her desire to eventually get it right.  In September 1998, she was introduced to LegalShield … and even though she was $40K in debt, had no car, drivers license, credit cards or money in the bank, she got started and has been job-free and boss-free ever since, enjoying a strong residual income as a work-from-home mom today.

Know any parents who want to work from home, or someone skeptical because “they’ve tried something before”, or how about someone who desperately needs to earn income fast?   This will be a GREAT call to invite them to hear!        




6:45pm Pacific / 8:45pm Central / 9:45pm Eastern Time
Live Teams Make Dreams Training Call with special guest MIKE FEDICK 
206.402.0333, pin 863#

Mike FedickMike Fedick’s incredible story of success was shared as a testimonial on stage at the Dallas Leadership Summit… because it’s so impressive.   Mike had been an Associate with LegalShield before, but didn’t take his business seriously – he actually let his membership lapse and dropped out of the business.  His old sponsor ($500k Ring Earner Steve Melia) called and got him started… AGAIN… but this time, he went all in and took massive action and jumped from Senior Associate to Executive Director in 60 days!   Mike is ON FIRE!

Dial in tonight — have your team on the line with you — to hear what he did to create the explosion of success in his business!    




Are you registered for Oklahome??   The Oklahoma City International Convention is July 14-16 and it’s the Super Bowl of Events for LegalShield — it’s the most OklaHOMEimportant event of this year for ALL of us!   Attending the international convention should be a non-negotiable decision for you, as it’s where you’re going to get the best training, make the best connections across North America, build more belief in YOUR ability to success… and have a ton of fun.    It’s at the big events that LegalShield goes from being “in your head” to becoming a part of your heart and who you are.   It’s also at these big events that we have the opportunity to come together as a team, too, for recognition, connections and taking 3 days of information and packaging it up in a simple 90-day game plan for your success.

If you have not registered yet for the Oklahoma City Convention, do it now — the longer you wait, the more it’ll cost!   Log in to your Associate Portal, go to Events/Calls > Oklahome.    Click here to register for the Teams Make Dreams breakout (Sunday, July 17 9am-1pm).  Get your travel arrangements made – we recommend staying at one of the 3 host hotel for so many reasons – and book your flights home for AFTER 3pm on the 17th.