Hello, TMD Family!

Just a quick note about WHY you don’t want to miss our weekly Monday night calls … especially tonight!

Each Monday we host two calls which are designed to help you grow your business:

5:30pm Pacific / 7:30pm Central / 8:30pm Eastern
Live Company Overview (or “Recruiting”) Call.

This is a 25 minute or so live LegalShield presentation by phone. The presenters change each week, but the content is pretty consistent (just like at your local weekly Business Briefings, only shorter) and includes the Company, the Need for our services, the Product/Service, the Compensation and the Timing.

USE this weekly call as your jump start to the week! Invite those you know all week to the next live Monday night overview call, because anyone who listens in will likely be interested to learn more — which means they’ll be ready to attend an event in their area that week, or even sign up on your website. =)

6:45pm Pacific / 8:45pm Central / 9:45pm Eastern
Live Weekly Training Call

This is a 30-45 minute or so call which always features top TMD or LegalShield leaders who will share tips and training on how they got their business to a level of success, which will help you learn to do the same. Each week is different, and the more consistently you listen in, the more you’ll learn. We also do our best to include all important company-wide announcements and explain any promotions happening because we understand that most of our Associates are part-time… so, if you can only spare enough time to “attend” ONE weekly training, this would be the one!

USE this weekly training call to teach your team, too. As you recruit other Associates to your business, rather than try to teach each of them one-one-one how to do the business, you teach the SYSTEM … which includes being on this call themselves (so you all learn together).

For tonight, March 7, we have some great speakers and presenters:

  • Chris Ward of Denver, Colorado will be presenting on the Live Recruiting Call. Chris’ background is US Army Staff Sargent and Small Business Owner (personal security).
  • Our training call will feature several great leaders who will each share a bit about what helped them achieve success, including one of the top promoters of the Ask LegalShield app in all of LegalShield, a brand new Executive Director from Atlanta Georgia, a brand new Bronze Executive Director from San Diego, CA, a Bronze ED from San Antonio, TX and one of our team’s newest Millionaire Club Members!

Both calls are held on this number: 206.402.0333, pin 863#