David & Kathy Ward – Southern California

David Ward, like thousands of attorneys, owns a LegalShield membership.

When he first learned of LegalShield, David saw immediate value and enrolled. Many ask “why would an attorney need LegalShield?”, and the answer is simple — David isn’t an expert in every area of law and he’s only licensed to practice in his state. He felt that having unlimited access to specialists in every area of law across the continent for under $20/month was a no-brainer.

At the time, David had been practicing law for 20 years and running two successful law offices … which took 60-80 hours per week away from his family. He couldn’t stop working because he’d lose the income which his family relied on. He recognized that because LegalShield made sense to him, it would likely make sense to others, too, so David dedicated a few hours per week to sharing info about LegalShield to colleagues, clients and friends.

Today: While David is still licensed to practice law, he closed his two law offices years ago once his part-time income with LegalShield went over 6-figures per year. His commute transitioned from the packed 405 and 5 freeways to from his bedroom to his home office; he works far fewer hours and spends far more quality time with his family AND is enjoying watching his residual (retirement) income grow more each year.