Craig Hepner – Southern California

I’ve been in the home based business direct selling industry now since 1991. Unfortunately, I got involved in five start-up companies that all went out of business and left me in tremendous financial ruin. I read years later – too late – that 95% of all start-up companies fail in the first 3 years, and 98% of all start-up companies fail in the first 5 years; all five I got involved with were out of business in the first year or two.

When I finally found LegalShield in 1998, I was in a place in life I never, ever, thought I would be; I didn’t have a car, a driver’s license or a place of my own, and I was personally $200,000 dollars in debt. What I did have was massive desire … so I got trained, I followed some simple systems in LegalShield and I worked my tail off. I achieved Executive Director my first month, my $100K Ring by my 10th month, my $250K Ring before my 3rd year, and I’m grateful to say I was inducted into the Millionaire Club by my 5th year. And, it’s only grown from there.

Thanks to this incredible opportunity with LegalShield, I’ve been able to fulfill many life-long goals. Aside from being able to live debt-free, drive cars I loved that were paid for and buy investment homes, it’s always been a dream of mine to travel the world. A few years ago, I was able to buy a one-way ticket to Europe and I traveled for months through Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Luxembourg, and Italy. I was able to do what I want, when I wanted, and I didn’t have to think about cost. After that part of the trip, I came home for two months, grabbed my sons and headed to Costa Rica where we spent two months surfing and exploring. From there, we spent another few months exploring Central and South America, all the way down to Argentina. I was gone for 1 ½ years and didn’t have to ask for time off or blow my life’s savings in the process. I cannot express how grateful I am to our team and my family.

The lifestyle is amazing, but I have this lifestyle today because from moment one I’ve been so excited and passionate about helping to revolutionize the legal industry and be part of making equal justice under law a reality for everyone … regardless of economic or ethnic background. After two decades of involvement already, I’m even more excited today, and I feel a stronger sense of urgency about our opportunity with LegalShield than I ever have.