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Get Connected ->  Stay Connected!

►Prospect By LegalShield App
Brand new?  Make life easier and customize your PBL app with only what you need as you’re getting started:
Step 1 – go to and set up account (or log in).
Step 2 – go to Edit Profile
Step 3 – in Add Group Code box, “x”/remove all campaigns showing; in box, type teamsmakedreams then click submit and you’ll see it appear
Step 4 – confirm your personal info in that section is correct
Step 5 – start sending resources!

►TMD Text Blast

On your smartphone, send a TEXT message to this number: 40404
In the body, type “follow teamsmakedreams” and send!
You should receive a text message confirming your subscription.  If not, you may have to create a new contact in your phone for 40404 and try again.


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