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Gearing Up For OklaHOME!! July 14 -17, 2016 …

Surely this is the one thing you continue to hear ALL about... on every conference call, at every live event and every time you log in to your Associate Portal. But, that's for GOOD reason. See, any Associate who's ever been to a LegalShield International Convention knows that they'll learn more solid information on how to achieve success, gain more knowledge, make more quality connections with others across the continent (& Hawaii) and "squeeze more juice" out of one single weekend event than any other event they could attend. Registration through the home office has closed, however registration will be available at the door and there are still registration tickets available through those who purchased too many tickets - best place to look is on Facebook (LegalShield Associate Network page, Teams Make Dreams page, etc.). The more team you have WITH YOU at this event, the more momentum you'll have coming out of Oklahoma City!  There's a saying which has proven true many hundred times over:  "When you have 100 people from your team in attendance with you at a big event, you'll achieve your $100K Ring within the next 12 months."   Associates will be coming in via plane, train, automobile... you name it.   Some of our MOST successful Associates in LegalShield today have the most entertaining stories about what they went through to attend their first big event -- finding creative ways to make sure kids are taken care of, finding money to get there, sharing a room with way too many others just to afford the hotel...  yep; been there, done that.   Just find a way to make it happen. We PROMISE you this is not just some "rah-rah fest" (though, there will be over 10,000 enthusiastic people in attendance); we PROMISE you'll learn more in a single weekend than you could in an entire year of attending weekly events in your market (and, at Oklahome, your training will come from the best in our company); and, we PROMISE it'll be WORTH IT.   EVERY top income earner will be there to learn, and the BEST will be on stage to teach. The International Convention is the pinnacle of education, inspiration and motivation for you in your business.   Don't miss it. Basic Details:
  • The weather will be hot and muggy in July, though the arena is often kept quite cool...   dress appropriately
  • Wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking a LOT
  • During General Sessions, spend your time IN the areas, seated and paying attention - there will be plenty of time to connect with others during breaks
  • Don't forget to pack your journal for taking notes and Profiles of Success for signatures
  • Concession stands are open during General Sessions, and food isn't usually allowed in ...  so be sure when your bag is checked they can't SEE any food  =)
General Itinerary: Tuesday / Wednesday:   Specialized B2B Trainings (register in advance) Wednesday/Thursday:   Home Office tours available (register in advance) Thursday:   Registration check-in begins, Executive Director Banquet that night (everyone else will gather in lounges at Sheraton or Renaissance Hotel). Friday:        General Sessions will begin around 9-10am and end around 10pm, with several breaks throughout the day Saturday:   General Sessions will begin around 9-10am and end around 10pm, with several breaks throughout the day Sunday:      Team breakout sessions -- Teams Make Dreams (your) breakout session will be at the Cox Convention Center from 9am-1pm. MAKE TRAVEL PLANS TO INCLUDE STAYING FOR SUNDAY, JULY 19: Teams Make Dreams Breakout will be the event which helps you connect and network with your team across North America, be recognized for your success, learn team systems which will specifically support you and the organization you build, and leave Oklahoma understanding all the announcements AND have a solid game plan to finish the year as strong as possible. The TMD Breakout will be held in Meeting Rooms 16-18 at the Cox Convention Center (where the convention will be held). Please wear your favorite Teams Make Dreams T-Shirt on Sunday! Register for the TMD Breakout HERE (scroll down to BUY NOW button at bottom). We can't WAIT to see you there, and celebrate all our successes TOGETHER!!  
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It’s CRUNCH WEEK! How will you end the month of March?

How you structure TODAY could dictate how you end the month of March! Thursday, March 31 is our month-end.  What goal are YOU working hard to achieve?   Performance Club?   Power20?   The next rank level in the compensation plan?  Sr. Director?  Executive Director?   A certain amount of income?   Whatever your goal here are the deadlines to achieve it by on March 31:
  • All paper applications must be received by mail by 2pm Central Time
  • All scanned / uploaded applications must be in the system before 5pm Central Time
  • All reinstated Member and Associate applications submitted online must be in before 10pm Central Time
  • All first-time new Member and Associate applications submitted online must be in before 12am (midnight) Central Time
Every MONDAY you can work smarter to help create growth -- in your knowledge, your momentum AND your business! Success in LegalShield is about promoting TOOLS and EVENTS.   Tools and events do the talking, explaining, fact-sharing and selling FOR you...whether you can personally be present or not.   TOOLS are sizzle calls, live overview calls, your hub site, CDs, DVDs, brochures and printed materials, etc.   EVENTS are luncheons, breakfasts, business briefings, trainings and live overview and training calls, etc.   The MORE people we have viewing tools and attending events, the more people we'll have enrolling as Members and Associates consistently. Notice how live calls made both lists?   =)   Live calls can be promoted to anyone, in any time zone -- all you have to know is the access info and time! TONIGHT, several opportunities are available to you as tools and events:   ► 7:00pm Central Time (5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern) Monday Momentum Call with Millionaire Club Member, $250K Ring Earner CHRIS HUGHES (Part 2 of 4) Online webinar only.  Register by logging in to > Events & Calls > Monday Momentum (replay available same place) ► 7:30pm Central Time (5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern) Live Company Overview call with Millionaire Club Member, $400K+ annual income earner CRAIG HEPNER  This is a 25-minute long, live overview which covers the company, need in the market, services, opportunity, compensation plan and timing. (206) 402-0333, pin 863# ► 8:00pm Central Time (6:00pm Pacific / 9:00pm Eastern) Special one-time only Live Overview Call with 7 top $100K Ring and above superstar ladies in LegalShield This is a great call to invite all your prospects to - especially ladies - to learn about the company, need, services, opportunity, comp plan and timing. (701) 801-1220, pin 178-121-620#
► 8:45pm Central Time (6:45pm Pacific / 9:45pm Eastern) Teams Make Dreams weekly Monday night Training Call, featuring special guest $100K Ring Earner from Utah, Mr. DAVID HUGHES This is THE call you and all your Associates should schedule into your plans every week.   You'll want to be on this call, but also be sure to have everyone who is an Associate on your team dial in to listen and learn, too.   The call is usually 45 minutes or less, covers brief team information, current company incentives and features tips and training from a top leader in LegalShield. Tip:   All those you invite to listen in to the 7:30pm Live Overview call with Craig Hepner could get excited about the information and immediately send text invitations out to people they know to dial in 8pm Central Time to hear the Live Overview Call with some of our top ladies.   Back-to-back calls can create a back-to-back recruiting opportunity for YOU when you are prepared!!
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Every Monday Can Be YOUR Momentum Day!

Success in LegalShield is so much about Tools and Events.  The more tools you get out into the marketplace, and the more people you get out to events, the more the system works for you and the more success you can enjoy.    One of the great things about calls and webinars is that they can be a tool AND an event.   Every Monday, Teams Make Dreams hosts 2 powerful calls -- one is a recruiting TOOL for you, and one is a training event for you and your team!   Every Monday, the person with the most guests on the recruiting call and the most team members on the training call creates the most momentum.   BE that person! Tonight - Monday, March 21: 5pChris Hughesm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern Time LegalShield Monday Night Momentum Call (Associate training) with Millionaire Club Member, $250K Ring Earner CHRIS HUGHES Webinar only - click here to register if you haven't yet (revisit this link for the replay if you miss it live)     5:30pm Pacific / 7:30pm Central / 8:30pm Eastern Time Live Company Overview & Recruiting Call with Rise To The Ring top Executive Director TARA PAUSTENBACH 206.402.0333, pin 863# zoomedTara's background is bartending, waitressing and working retail at the mall.  She'd tried three other opportunities in a row and failed miserably...losing everything but her desire to eventually get it right.  In September 1998, she was introduced to LegalShield ... and even though she was $40K in debt, had no car, drivers license, credit cards or money in the bank, she got started and has been job-free and boss-free ever since, enjoying a strong residual income as a work-from-home mom today. Know any parents who want to work from home, or someone skeptical because "they've tried something before", or how about someone who desperately needs to earn income fast?   This will be a GREAT call to invite them to hear!               6:45pm Pacific / 8:45pm Central / 9:45pm Eastern Time Live Teams Make Dreams Training Call with special guest MIKE FEDICK  206.402.0333, pin 863# Mike FedickMike Fedick's incredible story of success was shared as a testimonial on stage at the Dallas Leadership Summit... because it's so impressive.   Mike had been an Associate with LegalShield before, but didn't take his business seriously - he actually let his membership lapse and dropped out of the business.  His old sponsor ($500k Ring Earner Steve Melia) called and got him started... AGAIN... but this time, he went all in and took massive action and jumped from Senior Associate to Executive Director in 60 days!   Mike is ON FIRE! Dial in tonight -- have your team on the line with you -- to hear what he did to create the explosion of success in his business!           Are you registered for Oklahome??   The Oklahoma City International Convention is July 14-16 and it's the Super Bowl of Events for LegalShield -- it's the most OklaHOMEimportant event of this year for ALL of us!   Attending the international convention should be a non-negotiable decision for you, as it's where you're going to get the best training, make the best connections across North America, build more belief in YOUR ability to success... and have a ton of fun.    It's at the big events that LegalShield goes from being "in your head" to becoming a part of your heart and who you are.   It's also at these big events that we have the opportunity to come together as a team, too, for recognition, connections and taking 3 days of information and packaging it up in a simple 90-day game plan for your success. If you have not registered yet for the Oklahoma City Convention, do it now -- the longer you wait, the more it'll cost!   Log in to your Associate Portal, go to Events/Calls > Oklahome.    Click here to register for the Teams Make Dreams breakout (Sunday, July 17 9am-1pm).  Get your travel arrangements made - we recommend staying at one of the 3 host hotel for so many reasons - and book your flights home for AFTER 3pm on the 17th.      
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Don’t miss two special calls TONIGHT – both can help you build your business!

Hello, TMD Family! Just a quick note about WHY you don't want to miss our weekly Monday night calls ... especially tonight! Each Monday we host two calls which are designed to help you grow your business: 5:30pm Pacific / 7:30pm Central / 8:30pm Eastern Live Company Overview (or "Recruiting") Call. This is a 25 minute or so live LegalShield presentation by phone. The presenters change each week, but the content is pretty consistent (just like at your local weekly Business Briefings, only shorter) and includes the Company, the Need for our services, the Product/Service, the Compensation and the Timing. USE this weekly call as your jump start to the week! Invite those you know all week to the next live Monday night overview call, because anyone who listens in will likely be interested to learn more -- which means they'll be ready to attend an event in their area that week, or even sign up on your website. =) 6:45pm Pacific / 8:45pm Central / 9:45pm Eastern Live Weekly Training Call This is a 30-45 minute or so call which always features top TMD or LegalShield leaders who will share tips and training on how they got their business to a level of success, which will help you learn to do the same. Each week is different, and the more consistently you listen in, the more you'll learn. We also do our best to include all important company-wide announcements and explain any promotions happening because we understand that most of our Associates are part-time... so, if you can only spare enough time to "attend" ONE weekly training, this would be the one! USE this weekly training call to teach your team, too. As you recruit other Associates to your business, rather than try to teach each of them one-one-one how to do the business, you teach the SYSTEM ... which includes being on this call themselves (so you all learn together). For tonight, March 7, we have some great speakers and presenters:
  • Chris Ward of Denver, Colorado will be presenting on the Live Recruiting Call. Chris' background is US Army Staff Sargent and Small Business Owner (personal security).
  • Our training call will feature several great leaders who will each share a bit about what helped them achieve success, including one of the top promoters of the Ask LegalShield app in all of LegalShield, a brand new Executive Director from Atlanta Georgia, a brand new Bronze Executive Director from San Diego, CA, a Bronze ED from San Antonio, TX and one of our team's newest Millionaire Club Members!
Both calls are held on this number: 206.402.0333, pin 863#
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This week is all about GROWTH and falling in love with our FUTURE!!

Hello, TMD Family! SO EXCITED to see many of you this weekend in sunny San Diego at the Teams Make Dreams Retreat! We are so fortunate to have LegalShield's Chairman of the Board, Rip Mason, joining us for the 5th year in a row... as well as VIP guest trainers, authors of the best-selling book Go For No!, RICHARD FENTON and ANDREA WALTZ! It’s not too late to decide to join us! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS, to confirm your own registration and see the weekend agenda. If you just got started or had one of your weekend days free up, we did add special limited attendance tickets: Saturday, February 13th day & night is only $100.00; Sunday, February 14th day is only $75.00 (full registration is only $145.00! See the website for all the details and to register online.) WARNING - looks like weather will be perfect, pack accordingly. =) ============================= Get Your Mojo Rolling TONIGHT (2/8) By Leveraging These Two Calls: 5:30pm Pacific / 7:30pm Central / 8:30pm Eastern Live Company Overview Call featuring guest presenter, Bronze ED Tracy Thomas (Pasadena, CA) This call will BENEFIT you when you have as many guests on the line with you as you can get! 6:45pm Pacific / 8:45pm Central / 9:45pm Eastern Live Training Call with $100K Ring Earner & Top Executive Director MIKE SAVULA! Yes, you may be more familiar with his father, #1 Income Earner Dave Savula, but Mike has a powerful story of growing up in LegalShield and participating in generational wealth building for the Savula family legacy! This call will BENEFIT you to listen in to learn, and also have your team of Associates listening in with you! Both Live Calls: 206.402.0333, code 863# ============================= Did you hear?? The NEW Digital Intro Kits for new Associates (and the rest of the field) are available! The new 20/20/20 Associate Onboarding Program, resources to Get Started, easy access to marketing Tools, ways to Get Connected, access to additional Training to grow their knowledge, and information on how to Contact Us with any questions is all available now at Not to worry, though, because we've already edited our website, which means we will STILL just direct our newest Associates to > Training > New Associate so they can get EVERYTHING (company and team) in one place without getting confused by clicking all over the world wide web. =) ============================= [If you didn't receive this via direct email, subscribe to the Teams Make Dreams blog! All previous blogs will be archived on > Getting Connected > Blog.] “Like” us on Facebook Join our Facebook groups page to be connected with the team across North America Follow us on Twitter … and to receive text alerts about TMD Calls or special announcements, send a text which reads “follow teamsmakedreams” to 40404. Click to see full calendar of TMD calls
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Teams Make Dreams – NEW BLOG!

Hello, TMD Family! Going to do our best on this very FIRST blog to get it all "right". New system. Just like all of us when we started our LegalShield business, we can only get better from here. =) If you found this on social media but didn't receive it via email, register on the Teams Make Dreams website in the Get Connected tab. What's great is that all our blogs will be archived on that page as well. SO EXCITED to see many of you the weekend after next in sunny San Diego at the annual TMD Retreat! It's not too late to make your decision to go! CLICK HERE for all the details, to confirm your own registration, and to see the weekend agenda. This is a "resort casual" event ... leave your suits and ties at home (along with your Daisy Dukes and muscle-shirts - hee hee!) :-) Be comfortable in a professional way. Check the weather ahead of time if you're traveling in so you're prepared. THIS JUST IN: For anyone who may be only able to make one day, we've opened special registration prices! Saturday, February 13th day & night is only $100.00; Sunday, February 14th day is only $75.00. Full registration is only $145.00! See the website for all the details and to register online. Quick reminder to top leaders: If you are currently qualified as Senior Director or above (met requirements in January; or qualified 6 of last 12 months), and have not confirmed your attendance for Friday night 2/12 or submitted your testimonial details for Sunday 2/14, please contact Kai Deering via email - get her address through your Executive Director if you don't have it. legalshield phone call Don't miss important calls which are consistently available to help you grow your knowledge and expand your business! Every Monday: Teams Make Dreams hosts a live company overview call at 5:30pm Pacific / 7:30pm Central / 8:30pm Eastern Time for you to invite prospects across North America to listen in and learn about LegalShield. You invite your guests, top presenters will do the rest! It's a great "Business Briefing by phone" to jump start your week every week. At 6:45pm Pacific / 8:45pm Central / 9:45pm Eastern each Monday, Teams Make Dreams hosts a live training call featuring fantastic leaders... and this call is THE place to be each week (with your growing team dialed in with you) to learn more and more as you grow and earn. All Teams Make Dreams live calls are on 206.402.0333, code 863#. To see full calendar of TMD calls, click here. Also, every Monday LegalShield hosts the 10am Central Time Leadership Show as well as the 7pm Central Time Momentum Show -- you can register for both in your Associate Portal (LegalShield will send you reminders)! These are both best viewed online - webinar style - and are archived so you can watch the replays if you miss them live. Additional TMD resources: "Like" us on Facebook Join our Facebook groups page to be connected with the team across North America Follow us on Twitter ... and to receive text alerts about TMD Calls or special announcements, send "follow teamsmakedreams" in a TEXT message to 40404.
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