Hello, TMD Family! SO EXCITED to see many of you this weekend in sunny San Diego at the Teams Make Dreams Retreat! We are so fortunate to have LegalShield's Chairman of the Board, Rip Mason, joining us for the 5th year in a row... as well as VIP guest trainers, authors of the best-selling book Go For No!, RICHARD FENTON and ANDREA WALTZ! It’s not too late to decide to join us! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS, to confirm your own registration and see the weekend agenda. If you just got started or had one of your weekend days free up, we did add special limited attendance tickets: Saturday, February 13th day & night is only $100.00; Sunday, February 14th day is only $75.00 (full registration is only $145.00! See the website for all the details and to register online.) WARNING - looks like weather will be perfect, pack accordingly. =) ============================= Get Your Mojo Rolling TONIGHT (2/8) By Leveraging These Two Calls: 5:30pm Pacific / 7:30pm Central / 8:30pm Eastern Live Company Overview Call featuring guest presenter, Bronze ED Tracy Thomas (Pasadena, CA) This call will BENEFIT you when you have as many guests on the line with you as you can get! 6:45pm Pacific / 8:45pm Central / 9:45pm Eastern Live Training Call with $100K Ring Earner & Top Executive Director MIKE SAVULA! Yes, you may be more familiar with his father, #1 Income Earner Dave Savula, but Mike has a powerful story of growing up in LegalShield and participating in generational wealth building for the Savula family legacy! This call will BENEFIT you to listen in to learn, and also have your team of Associates listening in with you! Both Live Calls: 206.402.0333, code 863# ============================= Did you hear?? The NEW Digital Intro Kits for new Associates (and the rest of the field) are available! The new 20/20/20 Associate Onboarding Program, resources to Get Started, easy access to marketing Tools, ways to Get Connected, access to additional Training to grow their knowledge, and information on how to Contact Us with any questions is all available now at http://connect.legalshield.com/start. Not to worry, though, because we've already edited our website, which means we will STILL just direct our newest Associates to www.teamsmakedreams.com > Training > New Associate so they can get EVERYTHING (company and team) in one place without getting confused by clicking all over the world wide web. =) ============================= [If you didn't receive this via direct email, subscribe to the Teams Make Dreams blog! All previous blogs will be archived on www.teamsmakedreams.com > Getting Connected > Blog.] “Like” us on Facebook Join our Facebook groups page to be connected with the team across North America Follow us on Twitter … and to receive text alerts about TMD Calls or special announcements, send a text which reads “follow teamsmakedreams” to 40404. Click to see full calendar of TMD calls